Playmobil figures

Playmobil figuresPlaymobil figures
made by Geobra, in Germany 1974

I found this set of five Playmobil figures in Berlin, in my recent travels. 1974 was the first year of production, and these five all hail from that era. I kinda like the line-up quality of this image, and that all the figures look kind of shifty. Maybe it’s just those weird tunic-dresses or 70s hairstyles…or you might remember what your Playmobil guys got up to!

Whatever, all the guys are smiling, have different coloured hands, and look like they know what they are doing, or about to do.

This set is for sale: $AUD55

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9 thoughts on “Playmobil figures

    • hi joanne- these guys are nearly forty years old (39 to be exact) – and some redesign could be expected. but squat and chunky? i was thinking they might update the uniforms…

    • yes, the village people. boy bands nowadays just aren’t the same! playmobil is collectable here too- i think it’s nostalgia for the formative toys we had growing up. i still love lego!

  1. so funny Edwina. I’m doing some research on these guys too. Very village people. I have a similar idea only less Playmobil. FYI the guy in the middle is first generation, notice his arm is one whole piece, no wrist articulation. That came in the second generation. Very cute. Do you still have them?

    • by gum you’re right! your research and observations are spot on. i was just going on what the guy in Berlin who sold them to me told me- that they were all original 1974 figures. and yes, they are still with me. although for fun they sometimes turn up in unexpected places in the house [just to drive trish nuts. that’s always fun!]

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