Bell & Howell HI-LYTE slide projector

Bell & Howell Hi-Lyte slide projectorBell & Howell ‘HI-LYTE’ slide projector # 710
made in Australia 1963

And still the slide projectors come to me! This is the SIXTH one on the blog. The last one, a Bell & Howell ‘Family’ projector was made just two years after this one…the design changes over those two years are quite amazing. [See B & H projector ‘Family’ post, below.]

This projector sold for £32.10 back in 1965 [I have the original warranty card and receipt.] And that was a whole lot of money. The projector works like a charm- and the 300 watt lamp it takes is still available. The 16mm lens is astigmat coated- and it’s a’ hi-style’ lens [presumably that’s where the hi-lyte comes from?] The projector has a cast metal construction and comes with its original manual.

Fun for the whole family! Get those slides out of hibernation and have a slide night. If you don’t have any slides, I have a whole lot- you can have a vicarious vacation!

For sale: $AUD125

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