Park & Shop game

Shop and Park gamePark and Shop game
Milton Bradley, made in Australia 1960

“Object : drive your car to nearest Park & Shop parking lot, then move your pedestrian to all the stops on the shopping list; return to your car & home before another player.” Wow! Just like the tedium of REAL shopping!

This game is new; and has all its playing pieces and instructions. And for ages 10 and up, you are never too young to be inculcated into the wonderful world that is Shopping! and Parking!

The board game is fantastic…the funky 60s graphics could be framed! I wish I’d known about this game when I was writing my urban design paper on shopping malls – I would have put this image on the frontispiece.

This game is for sale: $AUD40

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11 thoughts on “Park & Shop game

  1. The bike driver and public transports user inside me sais: ideological indoctrination 🙂 Of course, conditions here are different, and it fits into the time. Very interesting from a cultural-studies point of view.

    • yes, especially if you’re into parking (and who isn’t?) and shopping. i know my world revolves around those two- and now a board game where you can relive every excruciating moment…fun, fun, fun- for all the family!

  2. Mmm. I was thinking ‘its not exactly…’ but I suppose it celebrated and engaged with modernity.It sits in the same space as those postcards of motorways which folks could buy in 60’s motoway service stations (at least here in the UK). The breathless excitement of the new played out through the everyday..

    • yes, i agree. not so much fun but a product of it’s time (and hilariously so.) i like your allusion to road memorabilia- that seems to be a universal theme of the modern world. in this post-modern reality. whatever…it’s a hoot!

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