1920s haberdashery drawers

1920s habberdashery drawersA recent addition to our home.  These haberdashery drawers are made of maple, and were made for McDowells Department Store in Sydney in the 1920s.  McDowells was in George Street, near the General Post Office. I’ve researched the piece, and while the maple was imported from England, it was constructed in Sydney.

There are thirty-two drawers, each divided into 25 compartments with which I am well acquainted, having cut 3″ x 3″ [75mm x75mm] felt squares to line each one. That’s 800 felt squares, people!

The drawers now house all manner of stuffs – plus all my vintage haberdashery items, which is only fitting.  The top is home to an ever changing array of vintage pieces : seen here [from l to r]: brass kookaburra book ends [1920s]; salt fired platter [1980s]; industrial filter flask [1960s] and pottery dog [1990s.] Ok, that last one is retro, not vintage.

33 thoughts on “1920s haberdashery drawers

    • thanks ray – it was in ok condition and we put a bit of work into cleaning, and re-oiling the timber. the maple has come up well. i know what you mean about running out of space!

    • thanks jane…we’ve been on the look out for a while and so grabbed this piece when we first saw it. it does help if you spend a good deal of your time looking at things [rather than being actively employed!]

  1. Dropped in to check out your blog and ended up looking at pages and pages of stuff. This set of drawers is just amazing! There is a zero chance of finding one over here. Can’t believe I have a drawer jealousy.

    • i’m glad you had a good look around! the drawers are lovely- we have quite a bit of vintage ‘industrial’ pieces still around in sydney. it helps that i live on a street full of vintage/retro shops- the guys don’t charge delivery because they can just wheel stuff over.

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