Retro piggy banks

retro piggy banksRetro piggy banks
made in Japan, 1960s

This pair of cutsie-pie piggy banks seem to channeling Manga- certainly those exaggerated eyes recall the Japanese art of comic book drawing.  They are hand-painted and have a rubber stopper for the retrieval of your hard-earned.

Many people collect piggy banks and this retro pair would make a nice addition to a collection. So many people collect piggy banks that I assumed there would be a collective noun for them, but alas, no. The internet proliferates with groups dedicated to the veneration of the humble piggy bank.

Like spending money to buy a purse, buying a piggy bank seems to me to be an exercise in perverse logic. As I am well acquainted with perverse logic, I feel more than qualified to comment.

This pair o’ piggy banks is for sale: $AUD45

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