A stay in proceedings…

Reretro Blog bakelite piecesLovely followers, and new stumble-uponers:

My partner and I are taking a diversionary trip to Berlin and Barcelona for the next so many weeks. I am writing a paper on European gardens spaces, but will also have half an eye open for vintage and retro objects.

Please peruse my accumulated posts on collectible Australiana. Should you require something, just email me: reretroblog@gmail.com and I will get back to you once the grand tour is over.

Thanks for all your fantastic comments and support thus far…I will be sure to include some evidence of the tour in subsequent posts.


9 thoughts on “A stay in proceedings…

  1. You lucky, lucky thing you! How exciting! On a completely different note, I was looking the other day at a photograph I took of the brooch I made you and would like to put something similar in my shop. Would you mind if I called them my “Edwina the Retro Owl” brooches? You were after all, the inspiration behind it! Please say though, if you don’t want me to 🙂

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