Tea and eggs

Retro tea caddy and egg cup setBushells tea caddy, made in Australia to celebrate Elizabeth’s coronation, 1953
Poole five piece egg cup set, made in England 1954

Bushells tea caddies, tin and mass produced to mark commemorative occasions, are now quite sought after. Here we have her Maj, Prince Philip and both countries flags to mark Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. You can see from the image that the caddy is a little rusty [attests to its age] but it is spotless inside, so one can again store foodstuffs – or other stuffs -therein.

The Poole tea cup set is in the twintone colourway [THEIR terms] ‘Seagull and Teal’. The teal makes for a nice connection with the tea caddy. The’ seagull’ is a lovely mottled pinky-creamy-colour. The five piece set is in excellent condition, ready to receive four soft boiled eggs.

This set is for sale:
Bushells coronation tea caddy $AUD55
Poole five piece egg cup set $AUD75

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