Retro children’s books

'Learn About' books & "Space Flight'‘Learn About’ books, published by McGraw Hill, 1970-1971

“Space Flight’ book published by Golden Press, 1959

How do you like that funky picture from ‘Space Flight’? The caption to it reads:

“Spacemen float in orbit about the Earth in self-propelled, airtight space suits.”

And this hardback book purports to be non-fiction! The whole book is full of such marvellously illustrated weirdness [just look at those claws on the spaceman’s feet- hilarious.]

The ‘Learn About’ books on the other hand are serious, intellectual stuff. They are published by McGraw Hill Far Eastern Publishers, in Singapore. Back then Singapore WAS the far east. There are fourteen in the series; I have collected these three soft backs. They are written for first readers- very serious 70s font nouns are illustrated in earnest 70s renderings.

The set of four books is for sale: $AUD40

Buy Now

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