Bambi cross stitch [sold]

Framed Bambi and Thumper cross stitch, made in Australia c.1960s
Blue ceramic cat, made in Japan c. 1960s

This one is for all the Bambi / 60s Siamese cat lovers out there. And I know you’re out there!

I’ve found the original pattern for the cross stitch; and with the retro framing, I am pretty confident that the Bambi art work was indeed made in the 60s. As for the cat- it’s a classic. It would once have been one of a pair, but as you can see in the image, the cat is now quite enamoured of Bambi. And doesn’t its blue colour complement the garish blue of the sky- I quite like this pairing.

This set would cheer up a child’s bedroom, or for the retro hipster- be an ironic addition to the loungeroom.  The set is for sale: $AUD55

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