Swinging cuckoo clocks [sold]

German swinging cuckoo clocksBlack Forest swinging cuckoo clocks
made in Germany, c1970s

Strictly speaking these clocks aren’t cuckoo clocks- they are “swinging souvenir clocks.” The woman on the spring provides the pendulum action, and instead of a cuckoo on the hour, you have a German couple dancing – to the strains of ‘The Blue Danube’.

Still, I love these clocks- in all their kitschness. They are adorned with bambis, blue birds and polka dotted mushrooms, ie: all the things one associates with the Black Forest.  Both are wind-up, and while both clocks are still working – the smaller clock’s key is missing. On anecdotal evidence, I take this to be a good thing- apparently ‘The Blue Danube’ on the hour, every hour is hard to live with. I think we can safely say the clocks are for aesthetic pleasure only.

The clocks were made by J. Engstler- the greatest name in German swinging souvenir clocks. They are styled here with a vase of ornamental cale in the foreground- I think they reds and greens are very complementary.

The two clocks are for sale: $AUD65

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