The Wacky Races [sold]

wacky races board gameThe Wacky Races board game
made in Australia 1969

“Object: outwit DICK DASTARDLY and bring YOUR CARDS home first.” Who doesn’t want to outwit Dick Dastardly? I know I do. And remember his dog Muttley? Wow that dog had an evil sense of humour! This classic board game is for 2 to 4 players, and for ages 7 to 15.

This is a Milton Bradley game, made in Australia by John Sands. All the playing pieces have the same ‘wacky’ graphics as the box lid- and all the pieces & instructions are intact. Relive your childhood – remember the Wacky Races on Saturday arvo TV? – or introduce the next generation to the fun that comes from playing a game with a villan called Dick. [Full name:  Richard “Dick” Milhous Dastardly.]

With an “average playing time 30 minutes” this game will brighten a rainy Saturday afternoon, whilst leaving you enough time to catch cartoon time on TV.

The game is for sale: $AUD25 -Wacky!

8 thoughts on “The Wacky Races [sold]

    • ray! you were too busy studying to take in the wacky races? really, you’ve missed some important cultural history. but it’s never too late- the re-runs are always playing on tv!

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