Diana ramekins & condiment bowls [sold]

Diana ramekins & condiment bowlsDiana ramekins & condiment bowls
made in Sydney, Australia c. 1950s

I have posted before about Diana, a Marrickville [Sydney] pottery that produced homewares from 1940 to 1975. I live very close to Marrickville, so became fascinated with this pottery and have…  um… collected… a… bit… of it….. ..  .. . .[see proof in myriad posts, below!]

These fantastic 50s ramekins are all in good condition.  I love the way the ramekins, when stacked like this, resemble Daleks [the official nomenclature is ‘scroll ware’, but I can’t help thinking Dalekware.] Each ramekin is stamped “guaranteed ovenproof” and I have tested them and they are indeed still good for oven baking today.

Diana ramekins, a quintessential 50s soup accoutrement, came in either a square or round shape with scroll handle. Diana made sure that all the 50s colours were represented, and like other ceramics of the time, continued the trend of producing multi-coloured dinnerware that could be bought piece by piece- rather than a patterned or mono-chrome set. This meant that if a piece broke, it could be easily and cheaply replaced to make up the set.

Together with the condiment bowls, these ramekins would kick-start any Diana 50s collection. The set is for sale [8 ramekins & 7 condiment bowls]: $AUD155

6 thoughts on “Diana ramekins & condiment bowls [sold]

    • aren’t they though? i do note that the daleks now come in colours- i like to think i may have had a hand in that – although they are more primary colours than lovely 50s shades….

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