60s aprons

60s aprons60s aprons
made in Australia

Envision your own Mad Men scenario, wearing one of these lovely 60s aprons. Even if you can’t cook [and I confess, I fall into this category] wearing a 60s apron will give you a sense of cooking prowess.

My partner is a great cook, but it is I who greet our guests wearing a nice retro apron. It is seldom blemished with actually ingredients- but it never fails to impress. Yes, I have been working hard in the kitchen [opening the wine, turning the oven down, that sort of thing] and here is the apron to prove it. Oh yes, my friends, an apron works a treat.

I am a sewer- now there’s something I can do- and I love the 60s fabrics and rick-rack detail on these aprons. And being of a green hue- double bonus. These are quite beautiful aprons.

This apron collection is for sale: $AUD60

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10 thoughts on “60s aprons

  1. These are too cute! It’s so funny that you mentioned Mad Men, when I posted about my fondue plates earlier today, I was going to mention Mad Men and the New Years Eve fondue party, but I wasn’t sure how many people would know what I was talking about! Well, now I know lol 🙂

    • mad men is a global phenomena. probably safe – and desirable- to talk about fondue parties…mmmm…quite a nice idea- now you’ve got me thinking cheese/chocolate fondue for dinner! i must get my vintage apron on forthwith!

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