Fuzzy Felt

Fuzzy Felt Ballet & Play FarmFuzzy Felt Ballet & Play Farm
made in England 1964

One of my earliest memories is seeing Fuzzy Felt Bible Stories at Scripture class. I would have been 3 or 4. Even then I wanted to mix all the stories up and see what would happen if Jesus and Lazarus meet on Noah’s Ark. And the disciples and all the animals suddenly found themselves in King Solomon’s temple. Alas, it never happened, and any attempts I made were neatly thwarted by the teacher.

And so- how I coveted Fuzzy Felt Bible Stories! I repeatedly asked Santa to bring it to me for Christmas [but apparently it was too expensive for Santa- the cheapskate!] Then for my 8th birthday- I was given Fuzzy Felt Ballet, and my younger sister got Fuzzy Felt Play Farm. I was very disappointed…it was too girly for me, although the black fuzzy felt board was kind of sophisticated. The Play Farm at least had heavy machinery, albeit picked out in two-dimensional felt.

So imagine my delight when I came across these two Fuzzy Felt sets! Oh the nostalgia! The memories of putting ballerinas on tractors and putting tutus on pigs! It all came flooding back. As did the blurb on the box:

“Gaily coloured felt shapes to make pictures! They cling like magic on the fuzzy board!”

Totally magical. The two sets are complete, with only a little minor wear to the black fuzzy felt board. For sale: $AUD60

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24 thoughts on “Fuzzy Felt

  1. Brilliant ! We had these two as well. They bring back such vivid memories …. The black cat’s tail would never sit flat after I stretched it….

    • ah a fuzzy felt user after my own heart! you would think that the fuzzy felt would be more child-resistant…but alas, no. i think i did some damage to my original ballet dancers. i remember one had one leg longer than the other…

  2. Fuzzy felt, I’d forgotten all about it! I had a set but I can’t remember what it was(not ballerinas, perhaps farm, or garden??) I do remember having hours of fun with it.

    • hi michael…you’re too young to have played with fuzzy felt- though i note that it’s been re-released for today’s youngsters. fuzzy felt hospital looks exciting!

  3. I have no recollection of Fuzzy Felts but vaguely remember Colorforms. Sounds like fun though! Would like to repost…..just to see if any of my readers remember.

  4. When I saw your Fuzzy Felts it sent me reeling back (more years than I want to admit to) to having hours of fun and probably peace and quiet for the rest of the family! I was lucky I had a number of boxes, I had them for years, when I had my daughters they were still around and they had as much pleasure out them as I did playing with them.The only thing was they would end up arguing over the peices. Girls I suppose!

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