50s religious icons

50s religious icons50s icons
made in Australia

I love the sentimental idealisation of the holy family. Especially the 50s idealisation. Soft colours, clean white skins in sensible clothing, and hippy representations of Jesus and Mary. Seriously this Mary and Joseph could be touring the country in a campervan. Everyone is smiling/looking smug/peaceful and generally all is right  with the world.

It doesn’t accord with my understanding of religion/the 21st discussions of Christianity – and so I find it very compelling. In Australia, in c. 2013 we are still discussing abortion rights, women’s representation on boards, and gay marriage. It’s enough to turn Jesus in his grave….just get into the campervan, Jesus, it’s about to leave.

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9 thoughts on “50s religious icons

    • ha! these 50s portraits would take her right back! even when they are depicted in the manger m & j look like they have been luxuriating at a day spa!

  1. Haha. I was sent to a Catholic school at age 13. Scary. Swore I’d NEVER send MY child to one. LOL. Not only do I teach at one, my girls also went. Different times. Yea. Jesus should get in the van….

    • yes, joanne, the more things change- the more they remain the same (as jesus himself once said.) these icons remind one of the superb ironies of life!

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