Writing folders

40s-50s writing foldersWriting folders
made in England and Australia c.1940-1950s

Remember when we wrote letters? and had writing folders? No? OK, well, we did and we had.

This set of writing folders follows the evolution of writing, from the 40s to the 50s. In the 40s, you had a space for stamps, your pen, loose leaf papers, your address book, and the current novel you were reading…it was made of leather [or crocodile]~ it was an important occasion when you busted out your writing folder.

Then in the 50s, with the advent of vinyl, and aerograms, things got smaller and cooler. Patterns got hipper. No place for storing stuff, this was the time of stream-lining and modernity.

Either way, I always buy writing folders when I come across them. They are such a symbol of things past…I wrote to my Auntie Janet in England as a youngster- now I email and Skype. But for important stuff, I still send a handwritten note. She knows my handwritting by heart…and it’s these things that ultimately connect us.

This set is for sale: $AUD115

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