Timber tailoring tools

retro timber tailoring toolsTimber tailoring tools
made in Australia c.1940s

A lovely collection from a time when timber tools were de rigueur – and Newtown, next to where I now live- had 3 digit phone numbers. Hard to believe. This collection comprises a coathanger [with advertising copy] – a timber darning ‘mushroom’ and a timber –handled tracing wheel.

I have a couple of bakelite darning mushrooms- dating from the 20s. I collect sewing and knitting paraphernalia – being a sewer and a knitter- you may have notice these in past posts. I’m a firm believer in ‘make do and mend’ and upcycling- i have put the darning mushrooms to good use to add embroidery to reclaimed clothes.
The coathanger was given to me by a lovely friend who knows I love all things sewing and all things retro- and all things Newtown. The three items look terrific together on the timber table…a little ensemble of times gone by.

This set is for sale: $60

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11 thoughts on “Timber tailoring tools

  1. Really, really nice. I especially like the mushroom. My mother has a great mushroom, and I’ve been looking out for one. Alas I can’t take these off your hands but I’m sure someone will love them.

    • well, caroline, shall i look out a mushroom for you? they are exceptionally handy (my bakelite ones have a handle that unscrews to holds needles…i love that!) i’ve seen plastic ones, but they get all scratched and beaten up…the timber ones age gracefully.

  2. I went to a garage sale one time and the owner had some trinkets for sale that led us into conversation regarding our vintage collections. This woman took us into her home and showed us an entire room with antique and vintage hangers from all over the world. They were beautifully displayed in lovely designs all over the walls, top to bottom. It truly was fantastic. Amazing that anything you collect can look spectacular when displayed together.

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