Gayart flower wheel

Gayart Flower WheelGayart flower wheels & knitting/sewing gauges

“Easy to use! Fun to make! Gay and colourful flowers may be used to decorate bags, hats & dresses or make novelty earrings & costume jewellery!”  The blurb on the packaging says it all.

I can’t find any information on the date/age of the Flower Wheels, but anecdotally a friend of mine remembers making raffia flowers with them in primary school in the early 70s. I hope she made the raffia flowers into novelty earrings! or costume jewellery! Wouldn’t that be fun!

I like- and collect- sewing and knitting paraphernalia, and love these two gauges: the transparent plastic “Korbond 4” x 1” knitting gauge and the “Delyta dressmaker gauge”.

For sale: $AUS65

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6 thoughts on “Gayart flower wheel

  1. I have one of these! Indeed from the early 70’s. I was reminded of it last spring on a trip to Milan where I saw a fabulous raffia flower adorned bag – still haven’t got around to pulling it out and having a play – can send you a pic of said bag if you like?

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