Mikasa creamer & sugar bowl

Mikasa creamer & sugar bowlMikasa ‘Light ‘n’ Lively’ creamer & sugar bowl
made in Japan 1974-76

The very funky jug in this set hasn’t a handle- and the spout has been made integral with the jug body. Very modernist! Likewise the sugar bowl has a lid that fits directly onto the body, without a space for a daggy spoon to hang out. The Light ‘n’ Lively set comes in a series of dual tones, with cream being the constant colour, and paired with ‘Avocado’ [as in this set] or pale blue or pale green. Avocado is such a 70s colour…it seems to be represented on almost all of my 70s pieces.

The pattern number for this set is D5450, and as noted on the base, the set is for “oven to table to dishwasher.” Another 70s invention…convenience & modern appliances. It wasn’t called Light ‘n’ Lively for nothing!

The set has been styled with fake grapes, as I like the colour and tonal variations. It’s for sale: $AUD45

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5 thoughts on “Mikasa creamer & sugar bowl

  1. The stuff from the 1970s evokes very mixed feelings in me. It feels like home (even if it is from Japan, it seems to have been a global phenomenon) since I was in my teenage years then, but somehow the design of that time (and also the architecture and fashion) was “terribly beautiful”. I like this stuff, but I find it ugly 🙂

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