Harlequin dinner service for 4 [sold]

Harlequin harlequin plates– dinner service for 4
made in England, c.1950s

What is the name for a round-cornered square? These plates are that shape. Wikipedia suggests ‘squircle’ – I wonder what the makers of these beautiful plates would make of that? *Turning in their grave* comes to mind.

There is no makers stamp on these plates. Harlequin is a catch-all phrase for multi-coloured items; you find harlequin glass ware, as well as plates. The person who sold these to me [I always ask for provenance and generally won’t purchase things unless provenance is clear] did not know the maker but knew the plates were made in England in the 50s.

Whatever, I think the plates are gorgeous. I love the 50s colours. And if I knew what the plate shape was called- I’d love that too.

For sale: $AUD155

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