Hanimex Slidemaster 300

Hanimex Slidemaster 300Hanimex Slidemaster 300
made in Australia 1970

This has to be my last slide projector [6 posted thus far] – I have to learn to pass a projector and not purchase it. I need a 10-step program!

This lovely, boxy projector comes with its original warranty card – which notes that it was purchased in March 1971- and its original box. It also has the funky Hanimex ‘seal’ seen in the image, which boasts ‘Hanimex Unconditionally Guaranteed.’ It has been tested by an electrician the fan and globe are functioning perfectly.

The projector’s body is injection moulded plastic and sheet steel. It takes a 300W halogen bulb, and has three separate lenses. They knew how to build ‘em in the 70s! Together with the funky font labels, this projector is as lovely to look at as it is functional. And yes! It comes with some Ektachrome slides from the last owner.

For sale: $AUD125

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8 thoughts on “Hanimex Slidemaster 300

  1. I am a teacher and you’d be surprised how many times the faculty shares our 1 slide projector. In my “earlier days” I was an art teacher and having one was a must! I think you should keep looking for these gems! I am in danger of being an enabler, LOL.

    • you ARE an enabler- but i kinda like that! it’s good to hear this ancient technology is still in use…is it like hipsters wanting vinyl and eshewing downloadable music? reverse nostalgia?

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