Bambi figurines [sold]

vintage bambi figurinesBambi figurines
made in Australia and Japan, c.1950s

Ok, we’re back into kitsch territory. I fully acknowledge that the reason I love bambis SO much is that I wasn’t allowed to have one when I was little – they were considered by my parents to be ‘common’ [by which they meant kitsch.] Little wonder that I grew to so thoroughly embrace all things kitsch!

I have purposely collected 1950 era bambis that were made here in Australia or in Japan – these are NOT Disney figurines, which I think look more ‘commercial’. All the bambis are in repose, except for the back one that is part of a set of two, who is frolicking over a tree stump. The darker brown bambi in the front is souvenir ware, hailing from the South Coast in Narooma [as evidenced by the painted script on its side.]

For sale: $AUD145

10 thoughts on “Bambi figurines [sold]

  1. I LOVE these! I’ll have to take a photo of my salt & pepper shakers and you can tell me if they are bambis. Yesterday when you asked, I thought you meant Disney. Sorry for the misunderstanding, as I’ve only been antiquing about five years and still have a lot to learn.

    • great maryanne- i’d love to see your deer/bambi s & p shakers. and don’t apologise for thinking Disney [see my post, am not that enamoured of that company] – plus i confess to using the term bambi rather loosely…

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