Dutch girl salt & pepper shakers [sold]

Fitz & Floyd dutch girls s & pFitz & Floyd ‘Dutch girl’ salt & pepper shakers
made in Japan, c.1960s.

Fitz and Floyd, based in America, has been producing quirky/novelty ceramics for the last fifty years…and now their 60s items have become ‘retro’ and are collectible. I can’t say that I care for a vast majority of it – but – how can you not have some affection for shakers that dispense salt and pepper OUT THEIR EYES? Retro novelty item just moved right on over to: _kitsch!

Yes, these restrained Dutch girls, with their stylised dress and facial details POUR CONDIMENTS out their EYES. Whoever designed these little beauties was into some illicit substances. Heavy illicit substances.

For your retro dinner table / you’ll never look the same way at Dutch girls again.

For sale: $AUD35

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