Red and white Eon bakelite canisters

Eon bakelite canistersRed & white Eon bakelite canisters
made in Australia, c.1950s

This is an unusual set of bakelite canisters- four are ‘nested canisters : flour, sugar, tea and coffee – and the fifth larger canister is for cake. The nested canisters have transfer labels…somewhat worn from long years of service, but the cake canister is unlabelled. Maybe people just knew that the round, squat non-nesting canister was always for cake!

The canisters – and the labelling- have a somewhat deco styling which is somewhat late for the 1950s- but perhaps these canisters were themselves aiming for retro? Either way, the creamy white bakelite contrasts nicely with the vibrant red bakelite of the lids. And it’s nice to have a complete, intact set.

For sale: $AUD145

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5 thoughts on “Red and white Eon bakelite canisters

  1. Reblogged this on A Vintage Life and commented:
    Love these canister sets…and the many others like it you will find around my home. They’re not limited to use in the kitchen either! Mine hold sewing and craft supplies, pencil crayons, cotton swabs and all manner of other useful household cluttery odds and ends.

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