Retro Italian souvenir plates [part II]

retro Lipari & Amalfi sourvenir platesRetro Lipari & Amalfi souvenir plates, made in Italy c.1960s

Whenever I post Italian souvenirware [and I have quite a bit]- I always get fantastic comments from young Italians- living in Italy. I have visited Italy – all Architects and architectural students do- and love the country.

Add to that a love of kitsch, and retro, and landscape…and these melamine sourvenir plates tick every box for me.

The top right view of Lipari is my favourite…that giant frond in the foreground arching across the entire landscape. You just wouldn’t get that image now-a-days.  Now would you get the Amalfi tower [bottom right] literally squeezed into the image. And while it’s true that the Italian light is intense, and the sky and sea extremely blue…these re-touched photographs do slightly exaggerate those environmental conditions!

This set of four souvenir plates is for sale: $AUD45

Buy Now

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