TAA airline memorabilia [sold]

TAA flight food containersTAA airline ware and
Australian souvenir cups, made in Australia c.1970

TAA – Trans Australian Airlines; who doesn’t remember ‘Up, Up and Away with TAA…..” was an Australian domestic airline operating between 1946 and 1996. These two melamine inflight food boxes were made exclusively for TAA- the baby blue colour being the branded colour for the airline. The boxes are in excellent condition which is good news for the airline paraphernalia collectors out there.

The souvenir cups, maker unknown, have various scenes from Australian capital cities, as they were in the 70s. Yes, a somewhat horrifying prospect, and yet …strangely hilarious.  Marsupials abound, apparently being quite prolific in the 70s urban environment. This is the sort of kitsch I love- verging on the grotesque but made wonderful by a parochial/sentimental fantasy.    For sale: $AUD40

4 thoughts on “TAA airline memorabilia [sold]

    • yep, retro boardering on vintage. i went on a TAA flight from canberra to sydney in 1973- my first flight ever (i was 11 and my father lent me a SLR camera.) i still have the pictures!

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