Terra Ceramics ‘Daisy’

Terra Ceramics setTerra Ceramics ‘Daisy’
made in Australia, c.1965

The ubiquitous daisy- symbol of the 60s- is stylised and showcased on these Terra Ceramics pieces. Terra Ceramics was proudly Australian, and they have imbued their daisies with the colours of the bush-  olive greens, tans and browns. This set comprises a pair of stoppered oil/vinegar jars and a matching bowl. The bowl is asymmetrical- a stylised gum leaf shape.

The pieces are stamped “Terra Ceramics Australia, Terama hand painted”. It’s now unusual to find hand painted ceramics- and if you look at the three individual pieces you can see subtle differences in the hand-painters work.

I recently found a matching Daisy ramekin- but since there is but one, I didn’t include it in this photo. However, if you’d like this set I will throw in the ramekin [let me know]….for sale $AUD60.

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6 thoughts on “Terra Ceramics ‘Daisy’

  1. Love Terra ceramics….I rarely come across any pieces by them…but the designs are always so smart and stylish..one of those hidden (well almost) Australian producers I think.

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