70s Stoneware

70s ironstone set70s Stoneware set, made in Japan

This set is most unusual for me;
a] it features mission brown, surely one of the most iconic colours of the 70s –  but also the ugliest, and
b] it’s from the 70s – the time that design forgot.

And yet, I collected this set piece by piece and now it is altogether- I think it’s lovely! I like the red and white decoration to the pieces; and I like that an orange juicer is part of the set – who doesn’t need a ceramic orange juicer?

The pieces are simply marked “Stoneware, Ovenproof”. I haven’t been able to establish the maker. The coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl, orange juicer and casserole dish all appear unused. [Okay, that doesn’t surprise me.] Would look fabulous in a minimalist white kitchen – or would blend right in in a mission brown and orange kitchen circa 1970.

For sale: $AUD85

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7 thoughts on “70s Stoneware

  1. Yes, most of the design of the 70s is ugly and one should think that it deserves to be forgotten, but that was the time when I was a child and an adolescent, and these brown and orange and blue and olive green things where how the world looked when I was young. So despite their ugliness, such things evoke special memories and feelings. Please collect and preserve and post them.

  2. Oh, I think you’re so wrong about the 70’s!
    It is fast becomming my favourite era.
    I love that set. If it was all Mission Brown, you’re right, blah! but that red and white border really perks it up.

    • kylie- let me hazard a guess- you didn’t live through through the 70s! but you’re right- the mission brown is relieved by the decoration. i am coming round to good design pieces from the 70s- and as always- it helps when you have a collected set.

  3. This reminds me of the 1970’s as a whole. Each person dressed in a way, “ugly”, each piece of music in a way wasn’t the best, but as a “whole set” the 1970’s was great! p.s. LOVE the ceramic citrus juicer

    • i think you’ve summed it up perfectly…more a sum of it’s parts than the whole. but having to actually live through the 70s- that was a shock. i love that hipsters are embracing 70s stuff now- part nostalgia (that never was) and part rebellion (cause their parents hate it!)

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