Smiths Ringers

Smiths RingersRetro kitchen timers
Smiths Ringers, made in England, 1940s,1950s, 1960s

Perhaps I should have styled these three ‘ringers’ chronologically- as it is, the green ringer is bakelite and steel, with a glass cover- circa 1940, the middle ringer is the youngest- a mere slip of a thing from the 60s – brown coated metal, and the last, red ringer is all plastic- from the 1950s.

Each ringer is somewhat redolent of its age. I do like the fact that the 60s ringer is called ‘Ringer Girl’- if only the other two had similarly inspired names. All the ringers have different bell sounds- naturally- and due to their age and hard working life, are more suited as objects of beauty, rather than function. The green bakelite is a little faded, the brown metal is a little rusted in parts- as you’d expect from vintage items.

The ‘lemon’ tray lends a stylistic note to the image- but if you’d like to have it along with the ringers- let me know. This set is for sale: $AUD75

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11 thoughts on “Smiths Ringers

    • i like the green bakelite ringer- but they are even greater together as a collection. i hear you about the apron- any reason to get a vintage apron on and be sophisticated in the kitchen is ok by me.

  1. I like the way you combine different objects and the way you take your pictures, you have a great eye! and thanks for following my Blog.

    • nannus- again with the audio response! and incredibly detailed memory. being a generalist, i find your reactions so interesting. i can’t remember last week, let along individual elements of my childhood.

      • I can’t remember numbers, e.g. I don’t remember my own telephone number, account number and so on. My sister regularly remembers things I did not even notice and vice versa. It is obviously very selective.

    • and lau – why not- imagine a whole line of smith’s ringers- beautiful! i find any collection of 3 or more absolutely fascinating…i was in a cafe in newcastle just the other day and they had 6 old battered daggy old aluminium teapots arranged together….and they were superb!

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