60s Teledex [sold]

Teledex, 1970s retro officeSpurways Teledex
made in Australia c.1960

This is all about the olive-green Teledex.  That’s a TELE-phone in-DEX.  You’ve got to give it to the marketing people of the 60s- they knew anything with an ‘x’ was gonna be big. This Teledex comes complete with new, unused pale blue file inserts. Very 60s! No retro inspired office should be without one. Sure, everyone keeps telephone numbers on their mobile phones nowadays…but how much fun is it to zip that little knob up and down and push the button to spring open the index? I could do it all day.

The Teledex, I know you are dying to know, is model T53-6. A good model, a GREAT model. Really, if you want a Teledex, you should be getting the T53-6. Forget the T53-5, outmoded, and don’t get me started on the T53-4. This is the T53-6 people! The 6!

I’ve styled the T53-6 with an old meter plate, couple of decades older than the Teledex, and a contemporary [c. 2012] candle. I like mixing up this stuff. I think it is a good image.

The Teledex [T53-6] is for sale, with new file insert: $55

11 thoughts on “60s Teledex [sold]

    • oh, jennifer- perhaps it was your grandparents teledex- they are SO fun to play with. i remember the one in my father’s office (i am obviously a generation older than you!) – i was told off on more than one ocassion to stop playing with the office equipment. so i do it now- because i CAN!

      • ha ha! I think we are probably the same generation, my first computer experience was in year 10 in school. It was a giant box. You had cards that you had to colour in with pencil and then feed into the computer to print out!!!

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