60s kitchenalia

60s kitchenaliaMitake placemats & napkins
made in Japan, c.1958 and
timber novelty salad servers, and bottle openers, c.1960s

The Mitake placemats & napkins are all cotton, with a delightful pink, orange and red geometric design – and have never been out of the box. This is a never-before-used setting for two. The novelty timber ‘clown’ salad servers are possibly from Denmark, while the novelty timber bottle openers are Australian – the green opener doubles as a tourist souvenir from Tasmania [being an ‘apple’.] The orange bottle opener is- strangely enough- an ‘orange’ with a lopsided face.

The ensemble makes for a great kitsch statement…things were just made with more fun in the 60s!

For sale: $AUD65

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8 thoughts on “60s kitchenalia

    • ray- you are in good company. i had a series of these clown utensils until my partner whacked them in the dishwasher….didn’t do well…now i stack the dishwasher and ANY retro items are verboten [to mix a metaphor/language group.]

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