Collectible coffin vase [sold]

Whitefriars 'Coffin' vase, tangerineWhitefriars tangerine ‘Coffin Vase’, made in England 1969
Ceramic condiment set, made in Japan c. 1970s

Whitefriars ‘Coffin’ vase, from the ‘Textured’ range, was designed by Geoffrey Baxter; a designer who was brought into the Whitefriars team to provide ‘modern’ [ie: ‘Scandinavian’] glass pieces. Whitefriars was a glass company that produced glass works continuously from 1720-1980, when it finally closed. Geoffrey Baxter starting working there in 1954, and with his death in 1995 his ‘Textured’ range of vases has become highly collectible.

This vase has pattern number 9686. Tangerine was a new colour that Geoffrey Baxter introduced: the Coffin vase was also made in greens, blues, and yellows. The coffin vase is now considered  ‘iconic’ – representative of its era.

I’ve teamed the tangerine vase with an orange and yellow condiment set – also somewhat representative of its era. The colours and forms work well together and would make a great contribution to an early 70s collection. The vase and the condiment set are all in excellent condition.

The Whitefriars Coffin vase is for sale: $AUD95

6 thoughts on “Collectible coffin vase [sold]

    • jennifer- it happens! orange is so ‘mod’- so 60s. throw in some chunky forms and some stylised images and you’re there. you, of course, are ahead of the times.

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