Spotty Diana pottery [sold]

Diana spotty potteryDiana ‘spotty’ pudding bowl and jug
made in Sydney, Australia c. 1952 -1957

Diana pottery didn’t start the 50s trend for spots – but it certainly continued it with gusto. During the period 1952-1957 all sorts of domestic ware was glazed with a single strong 50s blue, yellow or pink background with white dots. Large white dots, not your namby-pamby polka dots!

Spotted pottery is now popularly identified with the 50s, and it is getting increasingly harder to find. I love Diana pottery- partly for their Australiana-themed output [see many, many posts, below] and partly because it operated not far from where I now live. Nostalgia- and proximity- a heady mix!

These two pieces are not the same blue- probably hand painted by different people on different glazing days – but don’t they look smashing together? The robust pieces are still able to be put into kitchen service- I have testified on this blog before about the number of lovely christmas puddings I have enjoyed made by my sister-in-law, who often cooks them in a Diana pudding bowl [and I enjoy two gifts in one!]

I have seen the pudding bowl on an antique seller’s website for $120 – with $95 for the jug.  They are now becoming rare and are collectible- and popular.

For sale: $AUD155

10 thoughts on “Spotty Diana pottery [sold]

    • no way_ ten bucks! that was a huge bargain. trish, you should have snapped. but- hindsight is 20-20…let’s not live in the past. [well, only for nostalgia purposes…]

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