50s cake ornaments

50s cake ornamentsRetro cake decorators
made in Australia c. 1950s

Two debutantes and a christening.

I was tempted to call this post ‘the future of gay marriage’- because it’s only going to happen in Australia when robots preside over religious ceremonies. And to continue the allegory, the lovely couple have bought their daughter along to be best-baby; best men being so last century.

But no, these 50s cake ornaments are to celebrate the debutantes ‘coming out’- whoa there’s that gay imagery again!  The robot is really only here to lend some scale, and some colour, and some gravitas to the set.

The ornaments are for anyone who cares to have them. Drop me a line; first in- best dressed [oh, no, not again!]

Drop me a line

11 thoughts on “50s cake ornaments

    • perhaps the idea of plastic on top of cake doesn’t appeal anymore and most decorations are now made of icing or fondant. but i do like the 50s kitschness of these decorations.

    • ha ha ha! teeth marks! i can so relate to that. it probably looked good enough to eat [and better than the damn cake, that’s for sure.] i have always like icing WAY more than the boring cakey bit…I bet you thought that ballerina was edible.

      and i love that your mother has kept the ballerina. nostalgia, tinged with pride for her little girl with great pearly whites. lovely.

  1. LOL! That was fantastic! Thanks for the giggles. I too have been collecting cake toppers (what a surprise). I have my brothers cowboys and Indians. Oh boy, there controversial here in America. I also have my ballerinas from the 70’s. I hoarded those babies and played with them all the time. Now I enjoy finding the wedding couple and being amused at the crafters idea of facial expressions for wedding day bliss. Let’s face it, we all just want to get to the cake.

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