Skyline kitchen utensils

Skyline kitchen utensilsSkyline kitchen utensils
made in England  c.1930-1940s

These kitchen utensils are all timber handled [with the exception of the chip cutter in the middle.] Skyline utensils were imported to Australia post war, with the selling point that the handles were colour-coded to describe their function.  From L to R : knife sharpener, potato masher, crinkle-cut chip cutter, pizza cutter, egg whisk, pastry blender.

The utensils are still going strong, the stainless steel blades and whisks equal to modern utensils- and so could be used in today’s kitchens. They are also highly collectible. Some of the timber handles show a little wear – these babies have had a life in a busy kitchen.

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18 thoughts on “Skyline kitchen utensils

  1. Always informative Edwina. Thanks. I have quite a collection of these types myself in blue [and also a yellow set] waiting for a country kitchen… Possibly a long wait but they are up to it… I paid $15 for a toasting fork on holidays with a friend and she couldn’t believe I had paid that when ‘i could get a new one for much less’ then about a minute later she whipped out a similar brown handled potato masher, I think it was, and said that she had had it for years and none of the new ones came close. Was quite pleased to be part of her change of mindset. Anyway my favourite is the blue one, of course but they are all awesome. cheers

    • ok, i’m looking out for more blue handled utensils…and a country kitchen for you! it is good to help people see the value of well-made and well designed things, that are still as good as ever to use ~the mark of a died-in-the-wool designer.

  2. l love the painted handles on old kitchen utensils, they look so scrumptious when stored in bundles (handles showing of course!). I never gave their origins a great deal of thought…so it’s lovely to read your little bit of history, thanks Edwina!

  3. Recently did a road trip to Richmond NSW for a Vinnies to Vinnies, my only find was an old pink handled ice cream scoop, but it was worth it. What an interesting main street featuring a ‘Bradman’ style oval and lovely old buildings.

    • wow julie, i want in on your next road trip! or would we be competing for vintage kitchen utensils? i got a great blue bakelite scoop at a fete for the local elections. the election didn’t go my way (greens were trounced) BUT i got the scoop!

  4. I would of forgotten which color meant for what if I had to memorize that. I can just hear my bambino whaling away as I say “oh drats, I forgot what color for the flour sifter!” Good thing they are gorgeous, I would of bought them in my make believe world anyway despite it’s secret code system.

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