‘Granada’ coffee set

Granada coffee setVilleroy and Boch ‘Granada’ coffee set
made in Luxembourg, 1983-1986

Being made in the 80s, this set is the youngest/newest part of my collection. I haven’t collected anything else from the 80s, but couldn’t resist this set. It was highly desirable when it was first produced, and people still hanker after the delicious redness of the glaze.

The coffee set has never been used; the coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl all have original stickers on their bases. Perfect on display, or for a sophisticated way to serve coffee!

For sale: $AUD175

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17 thoughts on “‘Granada’ coffee set

    • you are most generous- i will be sure to direct my students to your blog- so they can view all your great photos. and naturally i will credit you in my lecture / presentation.

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