Australiana kitchenalia

Bakelite canisters & kanga & roo salt and pepper setSellex nested bakelite canisters, made in Australia c. 1940s
Kanga and Roo salt & pepper shakers, made in Japan c.1960s

These Sellex bakelite canisters ‘Rice’ and ‘Coffee’ have been separated from their larger red-lidded set [flour, tea and sugar…] but Kanga and Roo are in their entirety; Roo being the pepper, and Kanga – the salt. I had already posted this kitschy set, but the kanga and roo were bought. Then another kanga and roo came into my life! and so I am able to once again offer it for sale.

I’m sure someone out there has the rest of the Sellex set – or at least wants to add to canisters already collected. The rice label is a little worn, but both bakelite canisters are in perfect nick [check the image.] The ceramic kanga and roo S& P shaker set is adorable and in perfect condition.

For sale: $AUD85

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