Bakelite picnic and measuring cups

Selex and Helix bakelite picnic and measuring cupsPicnic and measuring cups
made by Sellex and Helix, in Australia c. 1940-1950

These bakelite pieces have retained their wonderful colour, and work beautifully as a set. The set of 5 nested picnic cups in green and the large red measuring cup have an  ‘inverted beehive’ shape, and both were made by Sellex. The red measuring cup measures 1 cup on its upper rim, then ½, 1/3, and ¼ cups on the graduated rings of the ‘beehive’.

The set of blue measuring cups are by Helix, and measure ½, 1/3 and ¼ cups. I thought perhaps the larger 1 cup was missing from the set, but apparently Helix only ever made a set of three measuring cups, in this style. It was the 40s and bakelite was costly to produce- it was considered an extravagance to make a 1 cup measure when you had a perfectly good ½ cup measure that could be used twice!

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2 thoughts on “Bakelite picnic and measuring cups

  1. We had a lovely “Mirro” Beehive measuring cup topped with a dome lid (in case you wanted to shake up some liquid). Made from aluminum, these babies are actually worth a decent amount of money. I just sold a lovely pink tinted one for a whopping $15! Amazing that something that was used daily in the kitchen, and is STILL usuable can be worth more than just memories.

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