Retro Australian badges

retro Australian badgesRetro badges
made in Australia, c.1940s-1950s

I love the kitschness of these Australian badges – the boomerang motifs, and the great enamel colours. Each badge came from a different source- with exception of the three ‘Ryan’ badges. This would be an excellent collection for anyone named Ivy, Bob or Vince!

The last two badges on the right are from the 40s- the intersecting initials evidence this. The rest of the badges – from bowling clubs and netball clubs- are from the 50s.

I have seen some fantastic artistic reworkings of badges on Etsy, and recently an artist gallery near me showcased some wonderfully inventive badge-upcycling. People do collect badges, I know – but there is also a market for people who use the lovely enamel pieces for new jewellery pieces.

For sale: $AUD80

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