Vintage glass soda bottles

vintage soda bottlesSchweppes and Tooth & Co. soda bottles,
made in London, and Sydney, c.1948-1954

These lovely soda bottles are very collectible and all have etched glass. The soda bottle to the left also has faceted glass – such a deal of detail just for soda water!- and the bottle to the right has part of its paper label still attached. Because the soda bottles are so highly prized they have been well researched and described – there is a wealth of information about them – which allows them to be accurately dated.

The glass bottles don’t photograph too well on my timber background, but if you click on the image and zoom in you can see the intricate glass etchings to the bottles.

From left to right, the soda bottles are etched:

Schweppes, [Australia] Ltd, 30 Fl Oz Soda Water – one of the first soda bottles to have a plastic and metal top.
Tooth & Co., ‘Blue Bow’, Sydney Australia, made by British Syphon Co. Ltd, London, with metal top and
Schweppes, ‘Porcelain Lined Syphon, London, 26’ – this etched into its metal top.

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10 thoughts on “Vintage glass soda bottles

    • they are lovely, aren’t they? ~ especially when they are massed in a group. i’ve seen them upcycled as lights and vases but you loose the great top…i like them displayed just as relics of a by-gone era.

    • hi kesca – thanks for your comment…i never thought about using them for their actual purpose! too busy thinking re-purposing! shows how you can overthink these things…

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