Faux tortoise shell knitting needles

faux tortoise shell knitting needlesfaux tortoise shell knitting needles c. 1910-1940s

I have posted tortoise shell knitting needles before : they are much prized by knitters and artists alike and are very collectable. Knitters like them because they are super flexible and so easy to work with, and artists refashion the needles into art / jewellery : see Etsy and Pinterest for examples. Because the material is very pliable, artists use hot water to mould the needles into new shapes/patterns.

This collection has twenty pairs of needles, from gauge 6 – gauge 13, and the makers are: Patons, Quicknit, Shellonite and Halex.

Tortoise shell became illegal to sell in the 1970s [in Australia- an international ban became effective in 1982] and so production ceased. These needles are therefore now described as ‘faux tortoise shell’. Suffice it to say, these needles are now quite rare.

The faux tortoise shell needles are selling for $AUD15 pair, or $AUD200 for the lot!

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4 thoughts on “Faux tortoise shell knitting needles

  1. These are gorgeous, I am ammassing my own small collection at the moment. Originally I intended to sell them but now I know they are so pliable – I need to try and make some bracelets! I have tried using the coloured vintage knitting needles but found it quite difficult. I have recently seen some in a Seed store – with an eclectic bunch of vintage objects – they have such warmpth. Your blog is beautiful and right up my alley!!

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