Sellex bakelite picnic ware

Sellex picnic ware
made in Australia, 1940s

The strong colours of these bakelite pieces are quite mesmerising. I don’t think the plates and bowls have ever been used, as they are pristine, with no scratches and no diminishing of those superb colours. I have mentioned before that yellow bakelite is particularly prone to deterioration and ‘mudding’ of its colour, so this set is in particularly good condition. Ironically for picnic ware- I would suggest it’s never seen the light of day!

We can date the plates and bowls to Australia in the 40s due to the ‘rounded-square’ shape, and the edge fluting. And the plates’ markings, which have ‘Sellex Reg.’ in cast lettering on the underside. In a previous post I have discussed Sellex kitchen canisters – they are beautiful also.

This would make a great starter set for the bakelite collector or enthusiast.  For sale: $AUD80

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5 thoughts on “Sellex bakelite picnic ware

  1. Hello, I am your newest fan. I was wondering if you would want to exchange avatars? I run and of course, blog all about plastic fantastic in the States. i am so in love with your blog. Cindy

  2. hello! i think sellex probably was exported. i try to collect australian bakelite- and made in sydney where i can. i must say i haven’t seen any ‘made in canada’ bakelite….thus far.

    • linda & anna -thanks! they are fun colours. in the southern hemisphere things are hotting up & we are planning a cold seafood picnic for christmas day…a picnic in the park with retro picnic hamper and picnicware. lovely!

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