Retro ‘Australia’ tray

Hand painted serving tray, made in Australia c.1950

This is a fantastic black plastic tray, with kitschy painted native animals. From the left and travelling clockwise, that blue colour is a koala, then a kookaburra, a kangaroo, and lastly a kangaroo ON a boomerang.  Fantastic! – and what realism…teaches you all you need to know about Australia.

But should you need more, the incised map in the centre lists States and Capital cities. They remembered Tasmania – the island state – that until the 70s seemed to be missing from all maps – so that’s an unusual feature.

The kitchen timer [a Smiths Ringer, made in Great Britain, 1950s] is added for visual interest – and as a contrast to the kitschy tray [although both were made in the same period.] This ringer is all precise functionality. And the magnet? It is just a prop- has no function whatsoever.

The tray is good for a laugh, and is good for transporting drinks from one room to another.    For sale: $AUD$25

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