Retro koalas [sold]

Retro sign & koala figurinesRetro koalas
Figurines, unsigned and Gumlypta tin sign
made in Australia, c.1940-1950s

This is an original tin sign advertising Gumlypta chewing gum. Presumably Gumlypta is a play on ‘Eucalypta’, or gum tree. Either way, how cute is that koala in his top hat, suit, with monocle? [on his way to the opera – to chew some gum?] The sign dates from the 40s and has the rust to prove it.

The ceramic koala figurines are classic- almost every koala figurine ever made has a baby koala on its mothers back. You rarely see single koalas. Neither figurine has a maker’s mark, as the space available for such is so small. The larger figurine does have its creators name incised under one of the paws –Carina. I think Carina is probably the artist that made this figurine for one of the ceramic companies that were churning out koala figures for the tourist trade of the 50s.

A must for koala lovers and enthusiasts! For sale: $AUD55

2 thoughts on “Retro koalas [sold]

    • …no….can’t say i have….but i do lead a sheltered life here in australia. only (retro) national fauna & flora are available for collection. if you would be so kind as to post an image of a jacalope, i’d be eternally grateful.

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