Carnation champagne flutes

Retro champagne flutes
made in Australia, c.1950s

I’m rather fond of these kitsch decorated champagne flutes – the gilt rim and base helping somewhat to offset the rather garish carnations. The glasses were won in a golf tournament by my partner’s brother- and they had pride of place in the family’s display cabinet for many, many years. I don’t think they were ever used to imbibe champagne…they were considered far too precious. They were for display [and admiration] purposes only.

The set now needs a new home – I’m imagining a nice mid-century modern drinks cabinet…where they can be taken out from time to time to drink champagne. Or beer. Beer would also be good.

For sale: $AUD55

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13 thoughts on “Carnation champagne flutes

  1. Edwina – how appropriate that I see your new post today about these champagne glasses. You mention how the prior owners felt these items were too precious to use everyday. I’ve been thinking about similar things lately on my blog. Having acquired some new ceramic pieces, I feel a kindred spirit in how you mentioned these items were used previously. I do hope the new owner prefers to use them instead of only admiring and displaying them. (Even though they would make a stunning display!)

    • hi patricia- i agree, the glasses need to be admired AND used for champagne. some ‘good’ items are kept for ‘best’ (that’s australian vernacular) and ‘best’ never comes.

      i do like your ceramic pieces! absolutely lovely. BUT your widget locket is gorgeous- congrats on having your pieces in the juried show!

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