Gayware spice containers & tea dispenser [sold]

gayware spice & tea canistersGayware spice containers, and tea dispenser
made by Gay Plastics, Sydney, Australia 1950-1965

This collected set consists for five multi-coloured spice containers and a tea dispenser. The green ‘Nutmeg’ container has lost its ‘N’, but all the rest of the crew have their funky 50s fonts.

The dispenser is hung on the wall and the white protruding section at its base is pushed in to collect a precise teaspoonful of tea. It’s ingenious!

Both sets complement the nested Gayware kitchen canisters, in red, posted below. One could have a completely gay kitchen!

For sale: $AUD75

7 thoughts on “Gayware spice containers & tea dispenser [sold]

  1. OMG Edwina. Love! Those colours are gorgeous. So want. Wish I had more open shelves, because they definitely need to be out of the cupboard/ closet and on display. Love the gayware. PS Cant see the red ones you mentioned as below.

    • yep, they’re pretty sweet! i agree they should be on display- such gay colours! the other gayware set is posted under ‘gayware kitchen canisters’- should be able to search for the post.

  2. I SO love these! And what has taken me so long to follow your blog?? I must have buzzed through it one day and not realized what great stuff you have!! How do US dollars compare to $AUD? Wish Christmas hadn’t already passed because I see things I sure would have asked Santa for! Sob, sob…..I’m redoing my kitchen in aqua and pink with probably a touch of the other colors in this set. Oh well…..maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find something like these here someday! Where do you find all of these goodies??

  3. hi deb- i’m a big fan of your blog…your finds are fabulous. the aust dollar is close to parity with your dollar ($1US=$1.03AUD) at the moment. i am a landscape architect and every time i go to site i hunt in vintage/antique shops and i have built up quite a collection! i love the gayware colours too…i’ll look out for pink/aqua kitchenalia and post…we might find you something yet!

    • Ahhh, so we have two passions in common, horticulture and collecting vintage goodies! My goal was to become a landscape architect but when I was is school the courses weren’t available, so as far as I could go was to get a Certificate of Horticulture. My main focus was on houseplants, but since then I’ve grown just about everything I can get my hands on! 🙂

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