Bartone bakelite picnic set

Bartone bakelite picnic set
made in Australia, c.1940s

This picnic set is a delightful mottled orangey-brown colour. Bartone specialised in producing picnic ware, often with this mottley shading, and the pieces all have catalogued numbers cast on the underside. The large plates are Cat No B164, the small plates B169, the cups are B166 and the saucers B170.

Just look at those funky 40s handles!  Fantastic. Two of the plates have a small patch of discolouration to the underside, but the set is in remarkable condition for its vintage. This set would make for a great retro picnic!

For sale: $AUD125

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6 thoughts on “Bartone bakelite picnic set

  1. that is so amazing. at first sight they really look like porcelain or something similar. BAKELITE. groovy. do you know finnish SARVIS plastic mugs? if not, try google. my aunt bought sarvis mugs to my grandma and grandpa at the 70’s, because everytime my grandpa got angry, he broke all their finest china 😀 well, that didn’t happen anymore after Sarvis mugs arrived…

  2. yes, at first bakelite tried to replicate horn, ceramic, timber -as a cheaper, more durable alternative. then when it was embraced as as a practical material on it’s own terms it was just nice, unashamedley bakelite. and pretty unbreakable! thanks, i will research sarvis- so interesting to have your perspective!

    • i am somewhat fond of bakelite…and i try to collect australian bakelite, or british since a lot was imported before local production took off. i have never seen canadian bakelite – but will start looking now!

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