Old school map [sold]

Vintage Australian school map [North America]Old school map
#119 North America, made in Sydney Australia, c.1940s

An old school map in both senses of the phrase. It came from an old school, and it is old school. It has a beaver in the legend to indicate areas of fur production. Under industries, it lists asbestos. Very, very old school!

This map was printed by John Sands, published by a certain Chas. H. Scally & Co, in Boronia Avenue, Wollstonecraft, NSW, Sydney. It’s entitled: North America, Physical and Production Map.

The map is in excellent condition. The colours, the beavers, the asbestos symbol [a graphic of a heap of the raw product! what were they thinking?] all in their original technicolor glory.

The map hangs over our entrance table- complete with phone, ipad and retro vases. With the timber dowel pieces top and bottom, it complements the timber table nicely.

For sale: $AUD175 [other items not included!]

15 thoughts on “Old school map [sold]

  1. What a great map! It looks fantastic hanging over that desk. And having the iPad sitting on the desk provides a great contrast of old and new. It’s a bit like my daughter taking a video on her iPod of our His Masters Voice gramophone in action!

  2. thanks mandy, it is a great old map. i am endlessly fascinated as to how others incorporate retro objects into their contemporary lives. i’d love to see your daughter’s video~ does she ever do guest posts on your blog?

      • not more – but AS interesting as you – and bringing her own perspective. i would set it as a homework assignment (‘what retro means to me’)…would be interesting to see her responses!

    • ah nostaligia exchange…living up to your name! this from an era when things were simplified down to beavers and asbestos, and no colour could be too bright! i remember these maps being rolled up on top of the blackboard, and the teacher would unfurl them during a geography lesson. i remember learning about the great lakes…but beaver’s weren’t mentioned even once!

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