Yellow bakelite canisters [sold]

Sellex yellow bakelite canisters
made in Australia c.1940-1950

How about that yellow! I haven’t seen much yellow bakelite and this is startling in its intensity. It puts the banana and pineapple to shame. Inferior in colour AND in plastics!

These nested canisters are part of a set of 5. They are in excellent condition – for yellow bakelite. If you have been following my love [read obsession] with bakelite canisters [see below for evidence] you’ll be aware of  the bakelite colours of the 40s and 50s. This is the one and only yellow example I have come across.

The banana and pineapple were added to the image for a bit of fun…but if you like the ensemble, I am happy to send you the lot.  For sale: $AUD45

10 thoughts on “Yellow bakelite canisters [sold]

    • thanks patricia, they certainly are a bright cheery yellow. more a 70s yellow than a 40s or 50s yellow i would have thought, but i haven’t come across much yellow bakelite.

  1. You know, yellow in the kitchen has really grown on me. I once missed out on a formica round table for $20 that I am still thinking about to this day. It was that warm mustard yellow and I own no yellow at all but I would have rocked that in the kitchen. These are so nice and cheery!

    • Alex, hi! yes, the general consensus is that this is indeed a cheery colour, and would certainly draw one’s eye in the kitchen. i’m sorry to hear about the formica table that got away…it sounds great. perhaps you could use my idea of plastic fruit? that [kinda tacky] pineapple always makes me smile!

    • perhaps you are merely blinded by all the neon around at the moment, so 50s yellow bakelite looks sedate in comparison? boy would i like to see an image of your acid green walls! i had no idea dulux had ventured into acid country!

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