Bakelite handles [sold]

Bakelite handlesBakelite door & drawer handles
made in Australia c.1920-1030s

A while ago, I studied carpentry. I got all enthused and started collecting vintage carpentry tools – and when I found these bakelite cupboard handles [or ‘pulls’] I had to have them. I would make contemporary furniture and match them with vintage bakelite handles. That was the plan. It seems I am better at collecting than the actual making of furniture.

All these handles were rescued from old battered cupboards that were being put out to pasture. The bakelite sure outlived the timber. I particularly like the clear ‘amber’ bakelite handles – two large and four small in that set. All the handles have their original fittings [housings, screws, bolts] and are ready to be installed onto YOUR contemporary [or otherwise] furniture.

For sale: $AUD125

9 thoughts on “Bakelite handles [sold]

    • you and me both! i’m sure you’ll source a lovely old 20s or 30s cabinet that is crying out for an amber bakelite pull. and if you get a whole wardrobe- you know where to come!

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